Thanks to quarantine, most of us have spent ample time with our partners in 2020. Spending more time with your special person is probably something we all wished for last year, but like anything else, too much of something isn’t always a good thing!

For all of the struggling relationships, we have five tips that can help you spice up your love life and make this holiday season even more special. And since times are strange right now, we made sure that each tip is socially-distanced approved!

 5 tips to spice up your long term relationship - intimate lingerie


1. Make Time For Yourself

In some cases, relationships can struggle when each person isn’t taking proper care of themselves and fulfilling their own needs. As much as we want to please our partners, you have to please yourself first.

Especially during times like now, it’s easy to lose yourself in a relationship when you spend every moment with someone else. Make sure that you’re practicing self-care and doing things that you love. We guarantee you that your relationship will flourish once you do!


5 tips to spice up your long term relationship - intimate lingerie | Oh La La Cheri Paris


2. Bring Back The Romance

It sounds like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised by how many relationships start to lose the romance only after a few weeks of dating! No matter how long it’s been, it’s never too late to start doing romantic gestures for each other. It doesn’t need to be anything crazy, it can be a small gift to remind them of your love.

When in doubt, whose love language doesn’t involve food? Make a candlelit dinner for two in the comfort of your own home. And if you decide to cook in sexy lingerie, we’d be in full support of that!


5 tips to spice up your long term relationship - initimate lingerie | Oh La La Cheri Paris


3. Give Compliments

Your partner probably already knows you find them attractive since dating them is a big hint, but don’t forget to make them feel special every day and vice versa. Fun fact: studies have shown that receiving a compliment can actually produce the same feeling we get when we receive a reward! So the next time you dress up for each other, don’t be afraid of giving out too many compliments.


5 tips to spice up your long term relationship - intimate lingerie | Oh La La Cheri Paris


4. Go on a Socially Distanced Getaway or Date

If you’ve been in a long-term relationship, then you know how easy it gets to lose sight of dating. It seems as if relationships begin to fail once they get too comfortable and forget about the one thing that starts any good relationship; a date! A socially distanced date can be as easy as grabbing your favorite snacks and heading to an isolated park to spend time together.

If you’re both up for something in the outdoors, go on a roadtrip and set up camp! It’s a great way to get you out of a rut and explore nature together. It might not be the tropical getaway like you see on Instagram, but it’s the perfect staycation to spend quality time together while staying safe!


5 ways to spice up your long term relationship - intimate lingerie | Oh La La Cheri Paris


5. Surprise Each Other More Often

When’s the last time you surprised your partner? We’re not talking about any kind of surprise, we mean something more intimate! If your answer is longer than a few months, it’s time to do something special. Our favorite way to spice things up in the bedroom is with a brand new set of lingerie.

For something subtle yet alluring, throw on one of our bra sets or teddies before getting into bed with your partner. These styles of lingerie are incredibly sexy with an effortless appeal. Now if you already wear sexy lingerie in your everyday wardrobe, we’d recommend stepping it up a notch. Go for the ultra sexy styles like a three piece set, open cup bra , or even a crotchless teddy!

Don’t get us wrong; we all love being comfortable in our oversized sleep t-shirts, but sometimes, the element of surprise is just what you and your partner needs. And you know that we’re always here to guide you when it comes to picking out the perfect outfit for whatever the occasion may be!