On an average day, a simple bra and panty may work just fine. But what about those special occasions? There’s something about taking a vacation or going on a date that makes us want to wear something sexier, even if it’s underneath our clothes.

Lingerie is more than just an undergarment. It’s meant to be worn for occasions where you could use a boost of confidence and that sense of empowerment. It can feel overwhelming trying to decide which pieces go with what kind of event when there are so many options.

So, we’ve done it for you. As lingerie enthusiasts ourselves, we know a thing or two about how to pick the perfect lingerie for every occasion!

Everyday Wear

Before getting into the rest, we couldn’t leave out our everyday wear. It may not be considered a special occasion, but it’s special to us. We should feel sexy at all times, and that means going above and beyond for ourselves. Whether you go home to someone at the end of the day or not, knowing that you have a beautiful set of lingerie underneath your outfit can give you the confidence you never knew you had.

First and foremost, everyday lingerie has to be comfortable. Whether you’re working all day or are running around doing errands, you shouldn’t feel held back by your undergarments. A comfy bralette set is the perfect upgrade to your basic bra and panties to make you feel sensual, yet not over the top.


Planning a much-needed vacation with your significant other? We don’t blame you! Taking time off and dedicating a few days just to each other is the best way to reconnect in your relationship. Use your vacation as an opportunity to surprise your partner with something sexy!

Going for lingerie with a lot of lace is the perfect way to spice up your vacation. Anything from our Luxe in Lace collection will do the trick! A lace material is great for an elegant look while still letting your skin peep through. If you feel like trying something new, grab yourself a pair of crotchless panties to wear throughout the day!

When it comes to color, choose red or pink to symbolize romance. Go all out with a three-piece set or keep it more simple with a lace plunge teddy . In our opinion, you really can’t go wrong here since both styles will take your vacation from relaxing to passionate.

Date Night

So, it’s Saturday night, and you want to wear something that impresses both yourself and your date. We’ve got something for you!

This is the perfect time to wear a bra set with sexy strap details to accentuate your figure. Strap detailing draws attention to areas where you want their eyes locked on around your waist, and right above your cleavage. Whether it’s a date with your partner or with someone new, give yourself a chance to feel as alluring as you truly are.

Wedding Night

In comparison to a date night, your wedding night calls for something with a touch of elegance. Believe it or not, choosing your wedding lingerie is almost just as fun as choosing your dress! Imagine waiting months to wear your dress, and then having to take it off at the end of your special day. Wedding lingerie keeps the excitement going beyond the day and into the night.

Our bridal collection has a variety of lace teddies and rompers, all of which are fitting for your wedding night. With softer colors like white, nude, or baby blue, you’ll feel more angelic than ever. Choose your base lingerie and pair it with a sheer bridal skirt or a mesh robe. After all, it’s your day; you deserve to shine even after your dress comes off!