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Ten years ago, Oh La La Cheri marked the beginning of a new undiscovered market that combined the mainstream appeal of fashion forward underwear and the sultriness of adult oriented lingerie. Since its foundation, the Oh La La Cheri brand has not only continued to tap into this third market, but has made great strides in evolving what could be achieved through the combination of those two worlds. At the same time, the industry itself has evolved on its own and the Oh La La Cheri brand has always been quick in its response to what the trend currently is, while helping to shape and guide these movements within the lingerie fashion world.


While looking to the past, we see how much we've done for this industry, but our biggest revelation this year is perhaps how much more there is left to do for us in terms of reaching new goals and elevating the quality of the brand in the eyes of you, our consumers. During these 10 years, it has been our customers who have helped us realized what we needed to do to successfully respond to the needs of the latest trends. Now more than ever we see a much more educated and smart market seeking statement pieces, trends, fit and quality at reasonable affordable price point. This demand is what has powered a lot of what the brand has been able to accomplish in the last ten years. We are celebrating much more than 10 years of business success. This is a celebration of who the brand has stood by in this last decade, women empowering themselves and loving their bodies.



Oh la la Cheri are the words you might utter when women try on one of this French label’s decadent lingerie pieces. Established in 2007 and headquartered in Miami, FL, Oh la la Cheri is an intimate apparel design house with obsessive attention to detail. The Parisian born designer and owner creates each piece with the goal to enhance a woman’s femininity and evoke sensuality.

Oh Lá Lá Cheri cares about one thing, and one thing only, that women feel sexy and confident. They should feel bold, cherished and desired. Much of the lingerie industry insists the American woman should do it for him, Oh lá lá Cheri truly believes she MUST do it for herself, because she’s sexy & she deserves it!


A woman’s sexuality is beautifully complex. Her lingerie should evoke emotional intimacy, they want to feel admired, loved and adored in those private moments. Developing a brand identity that translates this takes a deep understanding of a woman’s perception of what “sexy” is. Oh Lá Lá Cheri has been able to accomplish this in each collection, with their unique provocative designs that portray flirtation and lead to seduction.



Oh la la Cheri brings sophistication in lingerie from a Parisian designer and owner. Inspired by the desire to make women feel sensual, we use the finest satins, laces and other fabrics which provide structure and support.
Oh la la Cheri combines function and intricacy to meet today’s woman’s needs. Why not have function AND intricacy in lingerie? Using European experience, French flair and knowledge of the North American markets, Oh la la Cheri is now offering French lingerie styling at competitive prices. With more than 1000 clients all over the US and places such as Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, France, Tokyo Hong Kong and Shanghai…, Oh la la Cheri now offers multiple collections every year while also providing private label options.


The founder

In 2007, Nicolas founded the Design House of Ascension, a unique and creative lifestyle company, who strives to empower women through art and cutting edge design. His designs seek to radiate a sophisticated French flair with a modern seductive characteristic. The inherent visual seductiveness, along with the conciseness of the styles, are created to make women feel confident. From these concepts, Oh La La Cheri was conceived. By merging several seemingly diverse expressions, seducing the viewer into getting overtaken by a moment and making an everlasting impression in their minds. The brand has made waves in the United States over the past 8 years. Now recognized as a leader in the seductive lingerie category, Nicolas aims to continue to create designs that are loved by women and adored by men.


Private Label

Oh La La Cheri has developed close relationships with some of the best factories including a single factory solely dedicated to our brand, offering flexibility allowing us to create and produce private label collections efficiently and cost effectively. Our experienced design team is well versed in market knowledge and has a clear understanding of the consumer demographics and fashion trends. In addition, our dedicated staff can be a support mechanism for your lines, offering you the most responsive customer service and support along the journey to the creation of private label lines.